Limassol Tennis Center and Clubhouse Athletic development

Athletic tennis development with 18 courts, clubhouse, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor recreational and athletic facilities.

The objective was to create an environment that enhances 'landscape' and 'nature' as the main architectural features. The existing north to south natural ridge with its -- more --beautiful pine tree formations bisects the site and organizes the master plan into the ‘park’ and ‘courts’ areas. The access to the clubhouse has been conceived as a stroll through the park by intriguing pathways and a specially designed wooden bridge. The clubhouse -core of the composition- stretches around the trees, protrudes over the park and generates ample, tranquil spaces dedicated to the joy of observing the action in the submerged tennis courts. The natural landscape and landforms are preserved and integrated into the architectural design.
Site 28.400 m2 • Built area 2.100 m2 • Tennis courts area 10.700m2 • design 2012-13 • planning permit procedure ongoing
Services offered
• Master planning and programming • Landscape and open space design • Planning permit documents • All phases of architectural design
Client Nika Tennis Investments Ltd. Architect ERGO 7 ARCHITECTS