Corporate Headquarters for Piraeus Bank Athens

Interior design and office planning for the conversion of 15.000 m2 spaces in a renovated landmark central city block, into new corporate headquarters. Includes executive offices and board room, conference rooms, lobbies and art galleries, administration offices and open plan office platforms and support uses.
The corporate offices occupy considerable space in all floors of three landmark buildings that -- more --are part of the listed city block in the heart of Athens center. The buildings are arbitrarily interconnected through varying levels and varying exterior shell conditions and articulations. The question was how to create - within the restrictions of a given shell - an integrated contemporary administration environment that can respond to a complex program, to last in time while expressing the dynamic identity of a leading corporation.
It was answered by juxtaposing to the heavy building envelope, a floating modern interior landscape that branches out through all buildings / levels / floors by means of “art gallery type” circulation spaces, interconnecting all administrative sections and support areas punctuated by existing and new lobbies, by conference rooms and rest areas and other ‘events’. A contemporary, fresh, amply lit, floating work environment is created, that fully covers present and adjusts to future needs, supported by all appropriate technical infrastructure.
Design 2004-2005 • Construction 2005
Services offered
• Project architect • Interior design • Office planning • Space program development construction documents outline • Construction specification outline • Fast track design development • Client team consulting and support • Material/furnishing and systems consulting • Construction supervision consulting