Mountain residence Parnassus region

Commissioned by an urban Athenian couple for their mountain residence and retreat, this house is designed to provide physical and spiritual refuge and isolation in an unspoiled natural setting predominated by magnificent views to-- more -- the valley and the mountain skyline.
The main house is a linear composition of alternating interior and exterior living spaces that take full advantage of the views, controlled with large sliding glazing and shutter partitions. The linear volume is set onto a ‘cut’ into the side of the hill, sheltered from the winds on the north and floating over the landscaping to the south.
The entry sequence enhances the ‘isolation’ feeling as the hill crescent buffers the views to the house. Key element is the driveway ending to the under the hill cut-out passage that 'secretly' leads to the entrance of the residence.
Site 4.243 m2 • Built area 533 m2 • Designed 2010 • status: building permit procedure
Services Offered • Architectural design
Architect ERGO 7 ARCHITECTS M+E Engineer Fotis Alexandropoulos