Akamas Bay Villas K1 seaside villa Latsi, Cyprus

Seaside, 5 bedroom villa with garden and swimming pool, part of the multi-unit Akamas Bay Villas development.

The existing smooth landforms of the plot were modified and intensified to create a setting with dramatic views and multi level gardens. A niche was carved out to -- more --receive and protect the main body of the house. This landscape extends into the ‘inside’ of the residence forming upper and lower ground floor and shaded patio-type courtyards.
The access pathway crosses a light bridge over the sunken patio, to form a surprise entrance into transparent wide living room area, that fully opens out to the sea view. The all-width glazing retracts to allow unobstructed continuation of the ‘inside’ to the ‘outside’, to the pool deck and the garden which smoothly slopes away towards the beach.
The master bedroom volume and roof garden top the house adding a ‘detached from the ground’ experience with panoramic views to both the sea and to Akamas National Park.
Services Offered
• Architectural design • Interior design • Open space design • Construction documents • Planning permit documents • Construction consulting • Sales support
Client Cybarco PLC Architect ERGO 7 ARCHITECTS Structural Engineer Advanced Civil
Engineering Solutions
M+E Engineer C. Meleties - S. Christofakis Interiors ERGO 7 Architects Construction+Management Cybarco Ltd.
photographs by Dinah Kaprou - ERGO7 architects

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