Artemis complex Marousi, Athens

A four-storey urban residential complex off Kifisias Avenue in Marousi, with twenty 2 to 4 bedroom apartments of various sizes.
In response to the urban setting and to the plot's shape and orientation, a curved building was designed in order to maximize-- more -- each apartment's exposure to both south and north exterior landscaped spaces and to generate apartments with lateral pass-through ventilation and openness.
A curved façade-grid, topped with robust pergola, is the primary architectural element that regulates the building`s street-side elevations, organizing openings and balconies, providing shade and depth to the exterior vertical arrangement of living spaces.
Site 5.000 m2 • Built area 2.100 m2 plus 4.589 m2 underground spaces • Design 2002-03 • Construction 2004-05
Services offered
• Architectural design • Open space design • Planning permit documents • Construction consulting
Client 5N S.A., J&Pdevelopment, A.Panagidis (Hellas) S.A. Architect ERGO7 ARCHITECTS Structural Engineer Demetriou engineering M+E Engineer C. Tsantilas Photographs G. Vrettakos