Athens 2004 Ephemeral Structures International competition entry

“…Hanging weightless in the sky, projected in front of buildings, amongst trees. A mysterious presence of valuable fragments of the essence of human civilization, in an unexpected inexplicable odd airy way. A page of printed text in a shocking scale, magically interrupting the flow of the “real” expected environment. An immaterial entity that addresses the spirit “πνεύμα” of the body-spirit Olympic equilibrium … ”

-- more --For the Athens Olympics Landmark Signal competition, our concept was “a sheet of text written (printed) in the air”.
In an age that overemphasizes the importance of the image, an age that hastily deifies image demoting the “word” to second place, we want to state how important word was, is and will continue to be. Words: written, spoken, remembered, conveyed- alone or combined, they embody civilization, are the main vehicles of our civilization.
The proposal focuses on using inventive architectural means to combine the official 2004 Games logo with the above “words in the air” concept. To create ephemeral signaling structures that capture and convey the “spirit” aspect embodied in the games as it is delivered to us through timeless texts and words.