2004 Athens Olympics Media Village masterplan and prefab units

Commissioned by the 2004 Games Organization, the “Olympic Media & Press Village” had a complex brief:
To create a coherent autonomous ‘temporary’ village that could host 2.200 media representatives with all required central and administrative facilities. It included -- more --adapted use of existing police campus facilities and monitoring the design of new campus dormitory buildings to suffice for media village use (Olympic overlays), as well as the design of new prefabricated residential units that could be reassembled and used as emergency housing reserve by the state. To organize all into a coherent master plan, into an integrated organization that fulfills the Olympic Games standards and specific requirements.
The new prefabricated unit that we designed accommodated 8 visitor rooms and a common relax area per level, in an H-shape versatile modular structure. The one or two storey units are cluster to form two different types of neighborhoods (courtyard and linear), which in turn are inverted as nodes on a concise double layered grid of roads and pedestrian paths.
Site 300.000 m2_ Built area 60.000 m2 _Design 2001-2002
Services offered
• Master planning and programming • Prototype unit development • Architectural design • Architectural consulting • Construction drawings • Cost pre-estimating
Client O.E.O.A. Athens 2004 - Department of Olympic Villages Ministry of Public Affairs of Greece Architect ERGO 7 ARCHITECTS