Bralos mountain retreats masterplan, Parnassus region

Inspired by the indigenous village architecture and man-made landforms of the area, we developed innovative typology for 30 small mountain retreat properties, directed mainly as -- more --second homes to Athenians that seek refuge away from the busy urban life, into the serenity of an exquisite mountainous setting, in direct contact with land and nature.
The master planning and landscaping concept derived from exploring and rethinking on the traditional sustainable interventions to topography for both habitation and cultivation. Houses are loosely grouped and clustered so as to balance the need for isolation with the neighborhood safety feeling. Each property provides for a combined use of the ‘inside’ (the house) with the ‘outside’ (the land, plateau). Living plateaux-courtyards are created with the introduction of the theme of stone undulating retaining walls, a theme that accentuates the existing landforms. The houses are composed of heavy vertical local stone volumes, balanced by light wooden elements (bridges, balconies, roofs, pergolas) and by wide openings that explore the views to the valley and beyond, to the snow covered peaks of Parnassus Mountain.
Services Offered
• Master planning and programming • Unit typology design • Architectural design • Landscape concept • Planning permit documentation