Elea Golf Residential Comprehensive development, Cyprus

ERGO 7 architects are appointed as designers and master planners for the residential part of the luxurious ELEA ESTATE development. 'Phase A residential' is an integrated comprehensive development with 36 high end villas and 20 semi detached luxurious 2-storey units, all in twelve different designs, that set the principles and showcase the -- more --typology and the architectural/communal character for the 250 plus units to follow. Located 10 km east of Paphos, blessed with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, Elea Estate, evolves on a Hart Howerton designed overall master-plan, around an 18 hole Nick Faldo designed golf course.
Our vision was:
• to embed into the existing landscape a merging-innovative semi-urban environment that holds the essence of the Mediterranean village living on one hand, combined with all contemporary luxuries on the other hand, addressed to international buyers and golf lovers.
• A system of paths and nodes is introduced that promotes a pedestrian environment reducing vehicular access to minimum. The paths and nodes unfold with intimate, ad hoc delineation. Corners, turns, openings and narrow passages attract the urban magnetism away from the vehicular main access road and engage visitors into the intriguing, sensuous pattern of a traditional village landscape. Villas and their courtyards, zero setback buildings and accessory structures, pergolas, trees and shadows, doorways and fences inhabit the pathways, interact and converse with each other creating a vivid sense of communal life and a distinct village character.
Site 56.675 m2 • Built area 11.323 m2 • Design 2010-12 • under construction
Services Offered
• Master planning and programming • Unit typology and development • All phases of architectural design • Landscape design • Construction drawings • Planning and building permit documents • Construction consulting
Client / Management S.Z. Eliades Leisure Ltd. Architect ERGO 7 ARCHITECTS
Structural Engineer Lardis & Partners consulting engineers M+E Engineer GEMAC Ltd Interiors MKV design Ltd Lighting consultant Crisis Architectural Design Quantity Surveyor A. Demetriades

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