Designer Village Residential development in Dionysos, Athens

Our office was invited to design a showcase neighborhood for this innovating “Designer Village” project, which offers its clients the choice between nine distinct architectural residential proposals by nine distinguished architectural firms. The ERGO 7 design complex-- more -- consists of four independent attached villas and a four-unit apartment block.
The houses, each a separate private world, cluster comfortably together on the sloping site oriented towards the distant sea view. They face the street with a ‘protective – serious’ façade, while turning and focusing towards the valley with wide openings, projecting balconies and swimming pools. Each house is ‘planted’ into the earth and develops vertically with spaces that flow upwards to the roof gardens.
Bioclimatic principles were integrated in the architectural design. Internal voids for air-circulation, solid wall surfaces in the north, ample openings with shade devices in the south, use of advanced insulation materials and construction methods to maximize energy savings and natural ventilation. Also, solar and geothermic systems and monitoring for optimum heating and cooling gains as part of an EU program.
Site 3.114 m2 • Built area 1.245 m2 • Design 2003-04 • Construction in progress
Services offered
• Architectural and open space design • Construction documents • Building permit documents
Client-Developer Th.E.A.Cy S.A. (Themeliodomi-Entechnos-Anastilotiki-Cybarco)
Architect ERGO 7 ARCHITECTS Construction Entechnos S.A. M+E Engineer C.Tsantilas
Structural Engineer Computational Design Ltd