For over twenty years, working with major banks for their European network, ERGO7 architects became specialized in creating distinguished ‘Architectural Identities’ and successful retail banking environments.

Understanding the strategy behind the vision, assessing market demands and network conditions, responding to time frames and budget constraints, we were able to support our clients in their evolution and development, to participate in their brand-making through distinct architectural / visual identity of their retail network.

Being innovating in concepts and practical in implementation, we succeeded in creating architectural prototypes that combine communication with functionality, construction quality with cost control, and standardization with flexibility and adaptability; Prototypes that evolved continuously through time in respond to public and ever-changing market demands, securing our clients’ leading role, keeping one step ahead of the competition.

Our services include:

  • Design of architectural identities for retail networks
  • Manuals for identity applications
  • Design of pilot retail spaces
  • Generation of standard and specialized communication elements
  • Design and monitoring of prototype construction and detailing for a variety of specialized applications such as 24-hour banking spots, kiosks, shop-in-a shop, exhibition pavilions and signage elements
  • Architecture and construction documentation for more than 500 bank branches and other retail shops