At ERGO7 architects, we are fully involved in the past 15 years in providing master-planning and architecture integrated designs for successful urban and recreational developments. In creating top quality living environments and travel destinations on behalf of visionary developers.

Realized projects such as Akamas Bay Villas, Sea Gallery Villas and Amathusa Coastal Heights, project our vision in designing livable and lovable environments within the constrains and beyond the perceptions of the contemporary real estate market.

Understanding the Architect-masterplanner `s key role in strategic analysis, planning and coordinating for such multiphase multidisciplinary tasks, we work with dedication, hand in hand with the client team, to deliver site-specific, sophisticated customized projects. To ensure economy and optimized land use, to deliver land value and achieve market success, while not compromising the key task of creating distinct human places that fulfill their time-lasting environmental role and multi-social purpose.